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T.L. Hayes is just your typical overeducated, underemployed dyke, in the process of starting new journeys. She has held many jobs, including customer service agent, housekeeper, and poll-taker. None of them has been as satisfying as writing, especially writing stories with predominately gay characters. She holds master’s degrees in English and educational studies, and an incredible amount of student loan debt. She has recently moved back to her home state of Illinois and is enjoying all four seasons again.

Short Stories


Written Range, A Heart Well Traveled, Vol. 1, Sapphire Books, 2017.

The New Muse. A Heart Well Traveled, Vol. 2, Sapphire Books, 2017.

Happy Anniversary.  Escape to Pleasure: Lesbian Travel Erotica, Bold Strokes Books, January 2019.

Prairieland State Series

A Fighting Chance (Book Three)


Lou Silver is a stage combat instructor by day, and teaches kung fu on the weekends. When Lou meets Staff Sergeant  Stephanie "Steve" Adams through one of her kung fu students, Lou can’t resist her instant attraction, even though Steve’s military background stirs old resentments. As Steve battles to break down the walls around Lou’s heart, Lou must come to terms with her past to give love a fighting chance. 

Sweetboy and Wild One (Book Two)


Graduate student Rachel Cole is feeling the weekend blues and heads to her favorite lesbian hangout, looking for Ms. Right Now. She is immediately attracted to a brown-haired, brown-eyed, flannel-wearing soulful singer named Bobby Layton. But when Bobby introduces himself to Rachel, Rachel questions things about herself—things like her own sexuality and her very identity. Could she be falling for this sweet boy?

Bobby Layton lost a lot when he came out as trans. And he's sworn off dating lesbians because dealing with hate from the straight world is hard enough. Who needs the drama? But something about wild girl Rachel Cole keeps him coming back Love may be enough to take them to unexpected places beyond their expectations.   

A Class Act (Book One)

 Twenty-five-year-old theater grad student Rory Morgan walks into her Intro to Theater class expecting it to be a piece of cake. She isn’t prepared for the diminutive little fireball of a professor who walks in. She is instantly captivated by Dr. Margaret Parks, her forty-year-old professor, and even works up the courage to flirt a little, which Dr. Parks quickly dismisses. After their first class, Rory finds herself thinking about the professor more and more and spends most of her class time watching the professor as she passionately does her job. Rory really wants to ask her out, but she doesn’t know if the professor is even gay, to say nothing of the fact that she’s her professor. What follows is a romance full of humor, passionate awakenings, and college politics. Can they overcome the hurdles that lie before them and still be a class act? 


Deleted Chapters

Below are deleted chapters that were  cut from the final draft of A Class Act, as well as, an alternate ending and a stand alone short.

Music Tie-Ins

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