Reset Reading

Facebook Live Book Reading Event

Come listen/watch me read from my latest novel, Reset, on Facebook Live this Thursday, Oct. 21st at 7pm CST. Free event. If it goes well there will be more in the future. Just follow the link below. Come join me.

New book up for Preorder!

I’ve just been informed that my latest novel, Reset, is up for preorder on Amazon. Order now and it’ll be available on Oct. 15th. Ebook only this time. Follow the link below to get your copy.

Have you ever made a choice you later regret? Or witnessed a tragedy you wish you had the power to change? What if there was a company that promised you could go back and revise things? Such a company does exist; however, there’s a catch: Once you go back, you have to stay there and live your life from that point forward, regardless of the outcome. And you can only do it once.

Three individuals make this journey back in time, two by choice, one sentenced by the court.

Each one has his or her reasons for taking this journey, unique to themselves and all varying in virtue. They are guided and worried over by a dutiful man who works for the company that holds the technology to make it all possible. Our three narrators, Roxy, Yuri, and Kam, each continue on their own separate journeys, all hoping for a positive outcome. The question is: Will they all succeed?